Tube Bending

Machine Type; Eaton Leonard VB300MD

Max Pipe: 2” Schedule 80

Max Tube: 3” Diameter x .187 wall

Max Angle: 180°

Max CLR: 12”

Max Tube Length: 11’

Vector 1 Measuring Machine with Laser Probe

Fine Line Production’s tube bender is equipped with a Vector 1 measuring machine (VMM) which is very important for achieving consistency in production due to material variations in hardness and spring-back from different bundles of tubing and pipe.

The VMM accurately measures the shape of a bent tube by scanning the straight sections of the tube to determine where the tube’s straight sections are in space. From this data, the VMM creates a 3-D representation of the tube. The VMM inspects a tube by comparing its part data against true data and can report if a part is GO or NO-GO. The data can be used to inspect tubes and create, or correct tube bending programs.

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