Robotic Welding

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robotic welding
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dallas fort worth commercial robotic welding services
I had the opportunity of working with Fine Line Production on a welding project for the U.S. Government that required close tolerances from the welding procedures. The material to be welded was ASTM A29, Alloy 4130. Fine Line was required to preheat and maintain a heat of 450 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit during the welding process. After the welding, the weld had to be cooled slowly to prevent cracking. Several production parts were taken to a metallurgical laboratory for evaluation and were found to be satisfactory in regard to internal defects, fusion, and hardness. I feel that, with correct information and equipment, Fine Line Production could perform any robotic welding job presented to them.
M. Vernon Rollins, Jr. , Rollins Welding Consulting, Inc
Fine Line Production has multiple ABB Robotic welders with turntable multi-station fixtures suitable for welding two-dimensional and three-dimensional parts through a wide working envelope. Let us give you a quote for any of your robotic welding needs.

  • Cost Effective
  • Repeatable consistency without missed welds
  • Automatic positioners with accurate fixtures
  • Hand-welding and other secondary operations available
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